” I love to create a space that inspires us to be open,

desire more out of life, and simply want to love better.” 

Made to Live Workshop Series

for event planners

Love Chats

Self-love 101

Purpose Chats

Purpose 101

Truth/Story Chats

How to Tell Your Story

Eliana’s brilliant insight immediately engages and captivates her audience. Her grace and confidence provide the ideal platform to share one of her passions; the power of storytelling. To work with her is a joy and to know her personally is an honor!

Kavita Mehra

Chief Transformation Officer, Boys & Girls Club of Newark

Eliana helped my dream come true! I wanted the Sooo Pretty Girls to experience a professional style public speaking course and she tailored it to their needs. Thanks to her confidence, enthusiasm, and practical teaching style the girls were less fearful of speaking in public.

Tamika Bowman

Owner, Sooo Pretty Consulting

Without question she is the most fabulous choice to speak to our students. Her passion, honesty, and way to connect with them are second to none.

Chrissy Buteas

South Plainfield Women's Leadership


Solely available for college and post college young women

See Life

All About Clarity

Live Life

All About Living

Life Lover Hangout

Coming Soon!

Having Eliana as a coach has changed my life. I learned to embrace the real me, to love better and respect myself. She enriches my soul and inspires me to live life with a real purpose.

Alejandra Jimenez

Personal Assistant

Eliana has always been an amazing mentor! Her workshop helped me find my voice. Throughout the years her love and guidance has stretched from conversations that expanded my mind to her loving support in all of my endeavors. She may be traveling the world, writing books, and changing lives with her passion, but she is always a phone call away. That is love.

Jamani Montague

Student, Emory University

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