Self-love is a delicate topic. People have trouble loving others, why love themselves?

In a society that encourages us to be self-conscious about our bodies and compare our life to others, self-love is almost an act of rebellion. Some equate it with a mental disease and label it as a narcissistic characteristic. But actually, self-love is just considering your well-being and happiness. It is an attitude that makes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care a priority.

Let’s be clear, no one is saying love yourself like Kanye West loves himself. Girl Bye. (Although if we had a percentage of his confidence, we will all kick fear in the butt and pursue our dreams more aggressively). Just saying.

Self-love is not looking into a mirror all day and selfishly admiring one’s beauty. Self-love is deep, and simple all in one. Self-love is learning to be your friend. It’s self-forgiveness. It’s respecting your heart. It’s selfless. It’s clearing your life from negative energy.

Self-love is giving yourself the same attention and care you give your electronics. (Tweet it!)

Damn. See how we are all screwed up?

Self-love says: “I take care of me, so I can love you better.

If you are going to be in your body for as long as you’re alive- why not learn to accept it. Why not appreciate your design? Be your friend? Why not learn to like and understand you, just because. Not because you want a partner. Not because you want to attract a particular life, but just because of you.

Here is the kicker-

Self-love doesn’t guarantee the love of others. (Tweet it out!)

So why does it matter?

Because YOU matter and the world is messed up.
Issues. Past experiences. Hurts. Failed relationships. Attachments. Fake ideologies. All this crap darkens the heart and makes it difficult to do relationships. We can’t control others, but we can take ownership of our hearts. We need more love and it starts with you.

So let me remind you right now, in case you want to begin the year on a bad note.

You are beautiful. You are love. You are a glorious light. You are on this earth for more than the ordinary. Life is not easy. Love is hard sometimes. We all need healing of sorts. You will mess up. You will do things you said you never will. You will evolve. And guess what? It’s all 100% OKAY.

So be patient with yourself. You are trying your best. Today you may succeed. Tomorrow you may fail, but love regardless. Love yourself and the body that you’re in. Love others as they are. You matter.

Now it’s your turn. What is the hardest thing about self-love?

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With so much love,

eliana XO

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