Dear Self,

You are here. This platform is your space.
You have desired it for so long. Use it as you wish.
This is your platform to explore your thoughts,
emotions and the most intimate parts of your being.
Journey on this stage, fearlessly.

Life has given you your fair share of struggle and heartache. You survived it. You have seen, felt and experienced things that are forever etched in your heart. You are better because of it. For a while, you hid behind your thoughts, ideas, and even doubts. Indisputably, you let fear steal your true identity. Loving soul, those days are over.

You have created beautiful worlds in your imagination that you have kept to yourself.  Let’s start showing the world how wonderful they are.  It’s time to express your heart fully with no filter or regrets.  It’s time to venture on this journey of becoming a happier version of you.

So love me better.

Take care of my body, mind, and soul.

Let’s attract our purpose.

Let’s tell the world our story.

Let’s talk.

Let’s live.

Let’s be 100% authentic and transparent.

Here is a shot- an attempt to manifest these mental masterpieces, an attempt to color the world with the light in us, an attempt to contribute. Remember that life is a journey.  Life greets us every day with open arms and a smile. Will you reciprocate the love to it?


♥ Loving reminder ♥: 

“Life will be messy sometimes, but all masterpieces start that way.”



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