The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of magic that has made one thing very clear to me: family matters.

This revelation didn’t come through a wise old soul or a dream. No. It came through nudity, laughter, stories and sweat.

Let me be honest. Who I am right now is not who I was five months ago. Back then, I felt distant from my family. I wanted to run away from them. In reality, my self developed stories were separating me from what I most craved- a sense of community.

I was on the road for the past three months, and I kept meeting young people who lacked the very same thing I had. I realized how rich I am to have a family. How ungrateful Eliana! The conviction to appreciate that gift swiftly kicked in.

This past weekend my sister, cousins and I gathered the matriarchs of the family. They came over to my house for breakfast. It had been years since all 5 of them spent time together. The house was full of laughter, stories, and inappropriate sibling jokes. Super inappropriate. But there was also forgiveness, venting, and tears.


After talking and bonding for eight hours, we took them to the Korean Spa. If you have never been to a Korean Spa- please go! Self-care is on another level there. The entrance included access to 11 different saunas and mineral rooms, nap rooms, food court, juice bar, steam room, hot tub and much more. The first thing we did was change into these pink uniforms. We had to keep these on in the co-ed floors. Otherwise, we could be free in our skin.


Our crew ready to experience the saunas.

What an ice breaker for us! From there, we toured the four floors. We went through every sauna, and each had its own story. Three hours later we were all naked in a hot tub. It was the most magical experience. Imagine being with your sister, mom, dear aunts and cousins in a hot tub? My heart was smiling on repeat. Every time I glanced at them and saw how they were resting and laughing, my spirit was refilled with happiness. I can’t even explain it. It was like I kept winning the lottery over and over.

The snap chat of the night was this. I came out of the steam room, and there they were. All five sisters were sitting on a little stool and bathing their bodies. I felt like they were little girls playing in the river of their childhood. Their innocence reminded me that what truly matters in life is unity and connection. Sometimes that unity is felt through family or whatever you call your community. The important thing is to find that union with yourself, with this world, and with your art.

As you journey through December, think about what matters to you. Go ahead ask yourself that question. What matters to me?

Get clear on this so that your time and energy are given to those things. If you don’t have it, seek it. If you have it, hold on to it with love and dear life!

You are richer than you know.

p.s. The best revelations come from conversations. Comment below and let me know what matters to you.

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