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Made to Live is a global organization and movement that inspires young women from all walks of life to love themselves, live with purpose and speak their truth. Easily put, loving life and sharing your story starts with self-love. We want to be part of that journey.

We are on a mission of gathering a worldwide tribe of young women who are loving, compassionate, adventurous, want more of life, love travel, dancing, music, and are generally creative. We want to connect. We want to inspire one another. We want to love ourselves. We want to live with purpose. We want to share our story with no shame. We want to make this world a better place simply by being.

What’s up with the Zebra L?

If you’re wondering what’s the deal with the zebra pattern L in our founders name, here’s what it represents: our culture.

A zebra is an ancient nomad who is always on a journey.

They are balanced. They are intuitive. They are individuals. Yet, they value community. Zebra survive against all odds thanks to their instincts and impeccable vision.

They are a reminder of the dangers of passivity and the joy of being free.

Like the zebra, Made to Live values:

heart-bullet Balance
heart-bullet Beauty
heart-bullet Curiosity
heart-bullet Honesty
heart-bullet Freedom
heart-bullet Individuality
heart-bullet Intuition
heart-bullet Seeing deeper truths
heart-bullet Supporting our communities without losing ourselves

What we believe in?

We are Made to Live with:

heart-bullet LOVE- the foundation of life. Without this, everything else is meaningless.
heart-bullet PURPOSE- the burning mission inside all of us that wants to be expressed with love.
heart-bullet TRUTH- our unique story that the world is waiting to hear.

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"Eliana kept it real and she was straightforward with the girls with issues that they encounter on a daily basis. I love her focus on loving yourself first and thinking outside of the box. She was awesome. I love her!"
Tamekia Grier,
Assistant Principal
"Eliana is truly an inspiration. She is the definition of sunshine. When I was going through some dark moments she helped me see the positivity in life. Because of her I learned the beauty of loving myself. She is never negative and whenever I feel down, I know she’ll bring a smile to my face."
Nallely Hiciano
Elementary School Teacher

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