September 22nd is the day that summer gives us one last wave
as it makes room for fall to enter. It is also my birthday aka my new year.

As you can imagine, I am reflective during this week. It is my time to think about what went wrong and what worked. As I thought about this past year, eight mistakes and lessons became very apparent.

1. I didn’t listen to my gut when it said “no.”

I learned that my inner wisdom/intuition always knows what’s best. If there is a hesitation or uncertainty before any decision, there is a reason. Either the answer is no or wait. It’s that simple.

2. I didn’t take enough action.

I learned that acquiring knowledge is nothing if you are not implementing what you learned. I did take some action this year- I bought a one-way ticket to the Dominican Republic as I desired. I invested tremendously in my business and saw the fruits of that investment, and I finally launched this site. However, there was more action that I could have taken in other parts of my life instead of being comfortable with knowledge.

3. I gave people chances they didn’t deserve.

I am all for forgiveness and second chances, but it’s important to know your limits. Some people are not worthy of a 3rd and 4th chance because they are not seeking it. What they want is to see how much control they still have over you or their peace of mind. Intentions are everything. Know the difference.

4. I let people cross boundaries I wasn’t okay with.

I learned that people will treat you how you teach them to do so. I learned to set verbal boundaries. Being clear about what is and isn’t allowed in your interactions is important, especially if you hate confrontations. How do you set a limit? Let’s say a friend of yours makes fun of you every day, jokingly. But it really gets under your skin. You would set a verbal boundary by saying:” I feel disrespected when you call me stupid all the time, and I need you to stop doing that.” So the formula is: I feel….when you…and I need you to… Think about the boundaries you need to set and try them! It will show you the truth of that relationship.

5. I compared myself to others and let it get the best of me.

Comparison has always been a struggle, but this year it was stronger. I learned that my journey is unique. I learned to focus on the path ahead of me and appreciate my story because I am still in the middle of it. The truth is that nothing is as it seems. Everyone is struggling with something, and we are all trying our best.

6. I assumed some people cared as much as I did.

I learned that having an actual connection with someone is rare. When you find authentic friends that love and care for you as you care for them- value and keep them. The key is to take your time getting to know friends. Observe their way of loving and learn to love them in that way. Reserve your sacred time and your deeper love for those you feel genuinely connected to and fill your soul with respect, love, and appreciation.

7. I took my family for granted.

I am very lucky to be part of a loving and united family. Sometimes I distance myself because of my travel schedule or because I feel misunderstood. I learned to receive their love in whatever form it came and to share mine a bit more. It makes a difference when I play my role as a sister, cousin, daughter, confidant, niece, or even friend.

8. I didn’t make enough mistakes.

I learned that making mistakes is part of life. They open the door for wisdom. Mistakes are how we learn, evaluate, grow, and ultimately become a better version of ourselves. I played it safe this year and desire to make more mistakes by taking more risks.


♥ Loving Reminder ♥

Taking the time to reflect makes you self-aware and

that is the first step to self-love


Now it’s your turn. Which lesson resonated the most with you
or are you still learning? Let me know below on the comments.

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