I am Eliana Reyes and welcome to our space.

Gosh, I’m so happy you came. Please tell me you are here because something in you desires more out of life? Or maybe you feel like you don’t know what your purpose is and you really want to find it because all you want is to help people? Really, you just want to make this world a better place.

Or maybe you’re just a curious soul like me. Either way, know this-

I like to keep it real. Here’s what I want you to know about me from the start.

I grew up in a single parent home. I had more guy friends than girls. I didn’t trust men or girlfriends. I quickly learned that there were a lot of issues I had to overcome before even reaching my dreams. (Seriously, I still have issues but I have a different approach now. Tell you more later).

Like, really universe? Why these deck of cards though?

about-eliana-3I always felt and knew that I was destined for great things. My dreams were big yo! To my friends and family I was

heart-bullet the daydreamer
heart-bullet the lover
heart-bullet the hopeful romantic
heart-bullet the poet
heart-bullet the writer
heart-bullet the perfect every-thang and
heart-bullet the nerd with a splash of loca aka cray-zee.

Some even called me “Ms. Goodie Two-shoes.” Truth is I was all of those things with lots of other issues people didn’t see. How was I going to get over my fear of success, fear of making mistakes, fear of being imperfect? (Yes, I’m a retired perfectionist and a recovering people pleaser). It was so hard for me to feel confident, believe in myself, and actually feel value.

“I suck and I’m not worth anything.”

This is what I kept telling myself. I believed it. I felt it, and yet I pretended to have it all together. It took some relationships and life events (which I will share later) to show me the truth- I did not love myself. This was rock bottom for me.

“Wait. Me? Nah, can’t be.”

I couldn’t believe this truth. Why did other people love me but I couldn’t love myself? How did I abandon myself when I was the one preaching love to others? I began a rigid process of forgiveness, love and healing. During that journey of doing what I call the “soul work” my purpose became very clear.


My mission in life is to help you live with purpose
and fall in love with life.


I want to show you how loving yourself first, will lead you to your purpose and gives you the strength to share your story with the world, unapologetically. When we share our truth it gives other women permission to do the same.

I wasted too many years of my life doubting myself and so afraid to just live. I don’t want you to waste time. For real. Let’s start this journey.

There are people waiting for you to cross paths with them.

Consider me your older soul sista rooting you on in this thing called life. Through talking, exploring and simply experiencing life together, I want to see YOU happy. I want to see YOU live with love, purpose and truth. Why? Because you deserve all the beauty life has and you my dear are made to LIVE.

Cheers to this journey life lover,


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"Eliana kept it real and she was straightforward with the girls with issues that they encounter on a daily basis. I love her focus on loving yourself first and thinking outside of the box. She was awesome. I love her!"
Tamekia Grier,
Assistant Principal
"Eliana is truly an inspiration. She is the definition of sunshine. When I was going through some dark moments she helped me see the positivity in life. Because of her I learned the beauty of loving myself. She is never negative and whenever I feel down, I know she’ll bring a smile to my face."
Nallely Hiciano
Elementary School Teacher

The Professional Bio

Eliana M. Reyes is an award-winning motivational speaker, author and self-love coach for young women. Through her work in the youth development, the non-profit sector and education, Eliana became familiar with many of the issues that stifle a young woman’s motivation to passionately pursue her dreams and live with purpose.

At age 18, she began her speaking career, determined to help others find a solution. Shortly after, she founded Made to Live, a global organization and movement that inspires young women from all walks of life to love themselves, live with purpose, and speak their truth, unapologetically. She is a sought after workshop facilitator whose insightful stories, words of advice and passionate delivery not only challenge her audience, but also motivates them to embrace the journey of self-love. Her motto is simple- true living starts with self-love and that is the foundation to a life of purpose and truth. She uses her life experiences and past mistakes as a platform to teach these lessons.

Eliana speaks globally on self-love, purpose, storytelling, and living life. She has presented to more than 100,000 students and adults nationwide and has impacted communities in Spain, Kenya, El Salvador, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. From high schools and student leadership conferences to university seminars and workshops, Eliana’s message and style has been well received by all ages, but working with young women is her sweet spot.

When not coaching fabulous ladies, traveling, or creating something, she can be found researching new music, shopping at Trader Joes, or playing with her dog, Tito.

For a full list of services offered visit Work With Me.

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